PhD candidate

Andries Salm

I am a PhD candidate under the supervision of Lorenzo Foscolo.
My research focuses on manifolds with special holonomy, but in my free time I like to play with computers.

About Me

  • Department: Mathematics
  • University: University College London
  • Address: 25 Gordon Street London
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My research interest

I am a PhD student in the mathematical physics group at UCL under the supervision of Lorenzo Foscolo. My research focuses on manifolds with special holonomy and the creation of them. I have a MSc degree in Theoretical Physics and a MSc degree in Mathematics from Utrecht University. There I wrote my Master's project on the Atiyah-Singer index theorem for Dirac operators and its application to chiral anomalies in Particles physics.

Other interests

In my free-time I like to tinker with computers and electronics. For example, I disassembled a computer screen and I added a one-way mirror in front of it. Using a Raspberry Py mini computer I displayed in this mirror a clock and news feed. I can manage my mirror with an app over the whole world and all the animations are hardware accelerated. For new and weird ideas I am always open for a chat.

"Differential geometry is the study of properties that are invariant under change of notation" (Lie 2013)



  • 2018-2022

    PhD Candidate

    University College London

    The overall aim of my project is the development of constructions of complete non-compact manifolds with special holonomy and non-maximal volume growth and a thorough study of their geometry. My supervisor is Dr. Lorenzo Foscolo

  • 2015-2018

    Master Mathematical Sciences

    Master Theoretical physics

    Utrecht University

    In my thesis I reviewed the topological properties of the index of a Dirac operator, i.e. I showed that the dimension of the kernel and co-kernel are related to the Â-genus of the manifold. In this proof I related Analysis, Geometry and Algebraic topology. At the same time I applied Fujikawa's method on spin ½-particles and show that the classical chiral conservation, do not necessarily hold in quantum field theory. Both proof are remarkably similar and hence its makes a bridge between mathematics and physics.

    Average: 7.92 of 10, Honours program
  • 2012-2015

    Bachelor Mathematics

    Bachelor Physics

    Utrecht University

    In this thesis I proved a relation between the curvature of a surface and the number of holes in that surface, i.e. the Euler characteristic. Hence I showed a relation between the local differential properties and the global topological properties of a surface.

    Average: 8.34 of 10, Cum Laude


  • 2010-2018

    Software Developer

    Minded B.V.

    Digitaal Kantoor is an online accounting program for medium and small businesses. As software engineer I applied my skills of problem solving and analytic thinking to create multiple API implementations in websites and apps.

  • 2010-2018


    Artists in Science

    Artists in Science was a start-up with its main product ’slimsporen’. It was based on a research project about car-navigation I did during high school. I developed an app that could calculate the most economical way to travel using public transport.



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